The Prairie Trip


Living relatively far from family and friends is not an easy thing so I always get a little excited when our annual prairie pilgrimage nears – which is tomorrow!
I never really know what will transpire but so far this is a bit of the plan… a couple of birthday bashes, meeting my new great-niece for the first time, 2 portrait filming sessions, uncle Maurice’s red wine, more silly photos of my mom, Intellivision baseball, Red Sox games on a patio, Pema Chodron readings from the co-pilot, hours in fields photographing horses and big skies, avoiding ticks, meeting Aunty Marg at A&W, visits to Whyte Museum and Whyte Ave, guy space with the nephews, one extra long car wash due to neglecting to remove the bugs sooner, Guinness, D’s famous burgers, quality time with my amazing sis, diving into family history with Henriette, potato salads, rock chips, sunburns on the left side, picnics by streams, audio recordings of strangers and the joy of watching my wife laugh and laugh and laugh around old friends.
Hope to see a lot of you shortly. Cheers, DL

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